The motif of this work is a sandpit of a park in Japan. The photographs were the part of the sandpit, taken from the surface to the bottom by every 5mm.

Most Japanese spend their childhood in the park, as each of the neighborhoods might owns at least one park. Sandpit was one of the most popular equipments in the park. However, because of the development of the technology, more and more children like to sit on the equipments of playground and playing with technology devices. Equipments such as sandpits are left out from their childhood.

This work shows the most basic part of sandpit. The viewers can experience the process of digging the sand during the time turning to next images.

The work is also a test of a method, turning 2D images into one 3D object by layering numbers of images.

Layered sand block test Ver.1

Photography installation

consists of 140 images

Year 2015

Laser Print, OHP Film, Light Pad

Kenryou GU