I Iove cooking and taking pictures.


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Group Exhibition

2014.11.15-2014.11.30   Hi, my name is...             Shokudo Ruins, Kyoto

2015.01.17-2015.02.13   Uryuyama?                     Galerie Aube, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto

2016.05.02-2016.05.16   Kyoto Survey Project          ABSship Gallery, Kyoto

2016.10.06-2016.11.15   Artotheque Selection          D&Department Gallery, Kyoto

2017.12.16-2017.12.24  Open House                    Contemporary Art House Gallery Of The Youth


Solo Exhibition

2018.02.09-2018.02.18   Utopia                        Graduation Show, Kyoto University of Art and Design

2018.4.11-2018.5.13     Utopia                        Former Junpu primary School

2018.5.22-2018.7.7      Wu-Mai                        Wacoal Studyhall Kyoto gallery


Art Leasing

2016.07.22-             Wu-Mai                        Anteroom Kyoto  5F

2016.07.22-             us                            Room 555, Anteroom Kyoto




2001-2002               Kitashirakawa primary school, Kyoto

2002-2010               Fudan Vanke Experimental private school, Shanghai

2010-2013               Shanghai NO.2 High School, Shanghai

2016(Exchange program)  École nationale supérieure de la photographie, Arles

2014-2018               Kyoto University of Art and Design, Contemporary Art and Photography course